Be my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is Friday, and my Valentine’s Day tees for women are now full mesh v-neck tees.

Be My Valentine tees for women in pink and white

Available in pink and white, these cute tees are only available for women this year. There’s one demo for both colors, and the DEMO button below the vendors in the mainstore will give you the very same tee. When you’ve tried your demo and want to buy your tee, they’re only L$100 each.

There was also a men’s Omega applier tee last year, and I had hoped to get a men’s mesh tee made for this year, but health issues over the past month have kept me off my laptop a bit.

A note about the NN SL Marketplace shop

I was reminded yesterday that I had lowered the prices for my tees in my store, but I hadn’t changed them on the SL Marketplace. In December, SL raised the commission fee they charge on each MP sale to 10%, and I needed to decide whether or not to pass along this higher fee to my customers. With all the changes to be made to my store, it was on my mental to-do list, but it had never been added to my written list.

One of the biggest things I have to consider is that my shirt ads have the price on them. I always hate having to click a vendor to find out how much something is. I could add a price tag as I had used at Second Pride, every price tag is another prim of land impact, and I’m trying to leave LI available for future products. My house is on the same parcel, so I have all those prims to keep in mind.

I still haven’t decided on how to handle the Marketplace fee, but I’ll make a decision after Valentine’s Day. As always, buying inworld will always be cheaper if you’re a member of the NN SL Group. Membership is free other than a group slot, and if you have the group tag active when you make your purchase, you’ll get 10% off your purchase. As always, the group discount doesn’t apply to the Cancer SUCKS benefit tees, as those shirts use vendors from the ACS, and your full purchase price goes to help fund their work.

Coming Up

I still have my Anti-Valentine tees to make, and I’m toying with the idea of selling my first product that isn’t a top, sweater, or poster. I’ll say more about it later, so keep your eyes peeled. I’ll be posting work in progress pictures to my Twitter feed to get some feedback as I work on the design.

Watch for the release of my Anti-Valentine mesh tees, and I hope you have a nicely naughty Valentine’s Day, or Galentine’s Day if that’s what you celebrate.

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