Do you like to model in Second Life?

I’m looking for models in Second Life for photos of my new clothes. As you can tell from my store I’ve done my own modeling but I’d like to get pictures of other people wearing my clothes as well.

If you become a model for my store we can schedule times and places to take the pictures, and if you’re willing to take the photos yourself and send them to me it could be a plus due to my schedule and limited hardware.

I can’t pay my models but they will get to keep what they model for me, and I’d be willing to include some of my older items as a thank you for helping me show off my clothes.

If you’re interested in modeling for me, please send me a notecard in SL telling me what kind (or kinds) of mesh body you use and a link to a recent photo. If you have a portfolio of your work a link to that would be greatly appreciated.

I’m looking forward to giving someone the NN group title of Naughty Model.

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