Practice Makes Progress

Earlier this year, I got a Squire Stratocaster as an early birthday present. One of the things that came with it is a 3-month membership to Fender Play, Fender’s online education system. As I quickly learned, instead of saying, “practice makes perfect,” they say, “practice makes progress.”

They’re right. When it comes to learning something new like a musical instrument, the more you practice the better you get. I quickly decided I wanted a tee with that slogan on it, but Fender doesn’t sell them. In fact, nobody does, so I promptly asked if I could. I didn’t get an answer, so I’m going to assume that the lack of a “no” counts as a “Yes.”

Practice Makes Progress tees for women, men, and avatars using the V-Tech mod

They’re available in black and white shirts for women, men, and ladybois via the V-Tech mod. The shirts come with a color HUD so you can easily switch between the two colors. Here’s your limo to the mainstore where you can get a demo before buying the full shirt.

Getting the band together

As I was putting together the shirt, I realized that I had to incorporate musical instruments into the ads. I already own some guitars and a keyboard in Second Life so a group picture would be great. To make getting pics easier, I decided to create a new avatar for the V-Tech version of the tee. Rather than making them a drummer, I thought making them the singer of a family band would be perfect.

The family that plays together

I used to modify my avatar to be able to get pictures of my V-Tech shirts. I was never happy with the look, though, so I wanted to have a completely different avatar for those pictures. It gives me pleasure to introduce you to our younger sibling, Ann Barthelmess. I don’t call her our sister because she’s non-binary. I’ll tell you more about her in a separate article rather than making this article too long.

Our band doesn’t have a name, but I’m glad to tell you about our instruments. Everything comes from OD Designs (limo), the best musical instrument maker in Second Life. The guitar I’m playing is the PRO: Strat VH Red guitar, currently on sale in honor of Eddie Van Halen. Behind me are my old StratusBlaster and my Strat Pro Blue Koa. I also have a 12th Doctor’s Guitar from Tempest Inc (limo), but I had issues getting it to work. I’m guessing it was due to so much else going on with three different viewers running. Peng is playing a KB Silver keyboard from OD Designs, and Ann is singing into an OD Animated Mic Stand. I got the pictures from our little “jam session” in my SoHo Loft skybox from inVerse (limo).

It’s already available for your First Life

You can already available for many products for your real life, from tees to face masks to home deco items. You’ll find them in my Rebubble shop.

Next up

I’ve mentioned that I was working on a new tee that will benefit the Relay For Life in Second Life. Now that this tee is on sale, I’ll start making the actual shirts. The design’s already locked down, and there’s a preview in the NN mainstore in SL by the New Releases tees. I’ll be adding the texture to my shirts now, and I’m hoping to get those on sale before October ends.

I’m sorry to say that I’m not going to be making the Halloween design I have in my head. I simply ran out of time to make it. I’ll save it for next year, although I may create the artwork for the shirt now so it’s ready next year.

I hope everyone can have a great last week of October. Hopefully, we’ll all have a lot to be thankful for in four weeks, whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Above all, stay safe. I’m sorry to see the coronavirus coming back with a vengeance all over the world. We all have to redouble our efforts to re-catten the curve.

Cattening the curve (from Vox)

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