You can now get the (CTS) Wardrobe at Nanci’s Naughties

Back in March, I wrote about one of my favorite tools in Second Life, the Wardrobe app from Carlyle Theas Solutions. You can now buy it in my inworld store.

(CTS) Wardrobe

It’s a fantastic way to organize your clothes in Second Life, and I use it often to change my clothes. There are two ways to use it, from a webpage you can reach from the wearable HUD and from a piece of furniture you can rez in your SL “home.” You can also bookmark the web page for your wardrobe in your favorite web browser so it can be easier to access.

You can get more information on the SL Marketplace or simply click the vendor to the right of the stairs as you come in the door. Clicking the vendor will give you a notecard and an illustrated guide you can wear as a HUD. (I recommend right-clicking on it in your inventory and selecting Add.) If you’re ready to buy it simply right-click on the vendor and select Pay. I’m sure you’ll find it more than worth the price of L$699 and you’ll get every update Carlyle rolls out.

And once you get your Wardrobe you’ll be offered a chance to add your NN mesh tees to your Wardrobe somewhat automatically, although you will need to do some steps manually. I’m working on an article about what you’ll need to do that I’ll be posting before I put my next mesh tee on sale.

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