Are you ready for the Catmas edition Infinity Event?

Today the year’s last Infinity Event opened, and I’ve brought back some of my old Catmas* designs. They’ve been completely redone for mesh tees, plus I’ve got both Omega appliers and system tees for both tees.

NN Been Good, Santa Womens Tee ad

Perhaps you haven’t been bad this year, at least in the way some folks consider “being good.” The Been Good, Santa Tee is a snarky little way to admit that while you may not have been what everyone calls good, there are ways in which being bad can be quite good, as Santa can attest, although Mrs. Claws may not completely agree.

NN Bad Girl Womens Tee ad

Or perhaps you’re willing to admit that you’ve been a bad girl in a very good way. The front comes right out and says, “I’ve been a bad girl…” and it continues on the back with, “But I didn’t hear you complain, Santa.”

The two shirts are only available at this month’s Infinity Event, and everything I have at Infinity is covered by my Black Friday sale. What sale? As I posted in-world (which is another reason to join the store’s SL group), everything at Nanci’s Naughties, my Second Pride booth, and Infinity is 50% off through Monday, 2 December. (Gift cards and the Cancer SUCKS benefit tees are excluded from the sale.) Due to the way the vendors are set up, you’ll have to pay the full price for the item but you’ll immediately be refunded half of the price.

The sale is extended!

After not getting this written for so many days, and for not posting more than a preview about the sale as quickly as I meant to, I’m extending Black Friday to run 2100 (9 pm) SL Time on Wednesday, 4 December.

*What’s with this Catmas stuff?

Being a lover of cats (and having 3 feline bosses at the store) I normally refer to Christmas as either Catmas or Chrismukkuh and have for well over a decade. With this year I’ve decided to simply refer to the holiday as Catmas wherever possible. I apologize for any confusion that causes.

Purry Catmas, everyonel! I hope to see you around Second Life.

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