Better late than never? Now Lesbians have their own Life’s a Bitch tee!

Life's a Bitch - Lesbian tee, available exclusively at Second Pride

A few days ago, Sheree Honeyflower shared the lesbian labrys pride flag with me. Being a woman-loving-woman myself I can’t believe I didn’t have a Life’s a Bitch tee made for my fellow lesbian sisters. Due to some overly busy days and a fussy body it took me a few extra days, but the new tee is finally on sale!

The lesbian labrys flag was actually created by a guy in 1999, but it was claimed by the lesbian feminist community in the 70’s. Containing the silhouette of a labrys, a double-headed ax from ancient Greece, and a black triangle, harking back to the Nazi concentration camps, is a symbol of feminist strength and self-sufficiency. As well as the fact that they won’t take shit off many people.

The lesbian feminist pride flag

Available in addition to the usual assortment of women’s mesh bodies, there is also an Omega Applier for those who like a more skin-tight fit.

As usual, please don’t buy this tee without trying the demo first. As I said the other day, to get the demo simply click on the stack of folded shirts and select Demo.

How to get a demo of my tees at Second Pride

Remember, Second Pride runs until the 23rd, and then the Pride Fest will run from 28-30 June. You should be able to buy my tees in Second Pride Central Park all month long, and I’m hearing they’ll be available there for the coming year as well. (If it turns out that information’s wrong I’ll post an update on this site.)

Have a Happy Pride, and a fantastic summer (unless you live in the southern hemisphere).

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