How to buy my tees at Second Pride

Nanci's Naughties at Second Pride

On Friday I said that I had a tent with some exclusive tees at Second Pride but what I should have done was to say how to buy my tees there since I don’t have the usual vendors at Second Pride.

Sign for my Second Pride tent: Pay the folded shirts to purchase

As you can see, I don’t have any of the normal CasperVend vendors in my tent. So what do you pay to buy my tees? Actually, you pay the stack of tees in front of the sample tees, as the sign says. (Yes, that sign is new, which is what reminded me to write this article.)

But what about getting a demo of a tee? After all, the first rule in buying mesh clothes in Second Life is Demo, Demo, Demo. That’s actually not that hard. As the other new sign says, just right-click on the stack of shirts, select Touch, then press Demo on the blue menu that pops up. That way you can see how the shirts fit you before you give me your hard-earned Linden dollars.

Thanks to my brother Peng for grabbing the screenshot I was able to use to make that sign.

Have you hit Second Pride yet? It’s open until 23 June so hit the SLurl and check out all the events and stores around the sim. I’ll be there are things there that you didn’t even realize existed.

Happy Pride, y’all!


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