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With everyone being told to #StayHomeStaySafe, a group of designers in the City of Neon Dreams decided to give gifts to folks who stayed and got on SL. On 25 March 2020, they created the Stay at Home Club (SaHC) to be the way they’d give away gifts, and it’s now spread beyond the original group of designers.

Use the navigation bar at the top of the page to visit the Gifts section. You’ll find the gifts grouped into four groups to make browsing the gifts easier, and clicking on a gift gets you to the store’s location on the SL maps website. All the gifts are free, although you may have to pay L$1 for it. If you do have to pay for a gift, you’ll find your payment automatically refunded.

The gifts can change daily, so you’ll want to visit the SaHC website every day to see if there’s something new you want to get. There’s no cost to be a part of the Club, and you don’t even need an open group slot to participate. I opened a slot to join the group, and I’m glad I did because I get a notification every day from Zac Remex, one of the SaHC’s owners, reminding me to check out the new gifts available.

The Book Club page has information and a link to information about the new SL Book Club hosted by Draxtor Despres. If you love books and you love being in book clubs, the SL Book Club is for you. I understand the sim got so full during the club’s first event, people who left couldn’t get back in right away. I don’t know about you, but I call that a good problem for a book club to have.

Getting Your Gifts

Unfortunately, there’s no HUD you can use to go from store to store to get your gifts, but the website doubles as a navigation tool. There are YouTube videos on the SaHC How To Teleport page, but I’ll summarize the process here. Open the Stay at Home Club website in either the in-viewer browser or your web browser, then go to the Gifts pages and find a gift you want. Click on it, and it will open the SL maps site centered on the store with the gift. If you’re using the in-viewer web browser you should be able to click on the button to go to the location, but if you’re using your regular web browser you can select the page URL and paste that into the SL viewer location bar and press Enter. Both ways should get you to the store where you can find the SaHC vendor and collect your gift.

There are a few stores on sims that have a specific landing point that isn’t where the gift is. In those cases, the SaHC website will tell you how to find the gift, but if you use the Firestorm Viewer or another viewer with the Area Search feature you can find it even more quickly.

Using Area Search to look for the Stay at Home Club at a store that doesn't let you TP directly to where the vendor is

When you arrive at the landing point, open up the Area Search tool and enter “Stay at Home” in the Name field. Hit Enter or tap the Search button, and you’ll see a list of objects with “Stay at Home” in the name. Just right click on an entry and select Zoom, then cam out a little and you can use the vendor as if you were standing in front of it. The Area Search tool is one of my very favorite things in the Firestorm Viewer, along with the Favorite Wearables tool. If you haven’t tried Firestorm lately you may want to check it out. (Please forgive the blurry view of this store. My laptop doesn’t have the RAM to let everything come into focus at a time.)

There are two Stay at Home Club vendors at this store.

Remember, new gifts can be added every day so you’ll want to hit the SaHC website often. Like I said above, if you have an open group slot you can join their group and get notified whenever new gifts are available.

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