Congratulations are in order

No, not for me. But one of my fav SL folks has raked in some hardware in the 2019 Huntie Awards. I don’t do much hunting myself, but I love that the awesome Toxxic Rhiannyr got six nominations and won three categories, including Favorite Hunt Organizer.

As you may have heard me say before, Toxxic made the vendors I used at the Infinity Event, and I still use her basic frame and shelves in my store. She also created the tutorials I used to learn how to make fatpacks. One of these days I want to hire her to redo my logo, but I need to wait until I can afford to hire her. She’s not cheap, and as good as she is she really shouldn’t be. As it is now, she’s always has a lot of work to do.

You can check out her website, and you should check out her YouTube channel, too. You will find a great range of topics on her YT channel, and every now and then you get a great slice of her life, like a cake that is so good she wants it for her wedding cake. I wish I could try it, but the store that sells it isn’t in my area.

Best places to find her

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