Have you survived Second Life’s Scheduled Maintenance?

The good people over at Second Life have been running some scheduled maintenance this week, and to say it’s has made doing anything in SL difficult would be a huge understatement. With all the issues the maintenance is bringing I decided it’s time to bring back another one of my old designs.

Just yesterday I was trying to create my newest tee and I got logged out without warning three times in ten minutes, including once before I could even get the Edit floater open so I could make a tee into a demo.

When I had my old store a decade ago I had a tee that said, “I survived the rolling restart and all I could rez was this lousy tee,” with the SL hand logo. Of course, using the SL logo wasn’t a great idea, so when I recreated the tee for SL’s scheduled maintenance I considered losing the hand completely. Unfortunately, the tee looked too blank without the hand so I found a replacement hand.

NN's new Scheduled Maintenance tee

The women’s mesh tee has versions for the usual 11 mesh body types as well as five Fitmesh sizes, as well as an Omega applier. Instead of the normal L$200, I lowered the price to just L$100. Plus when you buy the tee in my inworld store you’ll get a free L$50 gift card on all of my other tees with the exception of my Cancer SUCKS tees. Since those are a benefit for the Relay for Life in SL and use their vendors, the vendors for those tees can’t accept the gift cards. (I’ll add a sign to the vendors to show that gift cards aren’t accepted.)

NN Scheduled Maintenance tee for men

Of course, I also made a tee for the guys in versions to fit five mesh bodies including classic Fitmesh bodies as well as an Omega applier. The guys’ tee is also L$100 with an L$50 gift card if you buy the tees in my inworld store. As always, regardless of where you get my tees, get the free demo first to make sure the tee will fit your body the way you hope it will.

Plus, if you buy the tees in my inworld store and you have your Nanci’s Naughties group tag active you’ll save an extra L$10, making the Scheduled Maintenance tees just L$90. You’re not a member of my store’s group yet? Just touch the group joiner sign on the back wall of my store. The group is the first place I announce new tees, and I’ll be posting WIP (work in progress) pics there soon. You can also follow me on Twitter and get all sorts of content I don’t post here or in the group chat.

The gift cards don’t come with tees bought in my SL Marketplace store due to the way my inworld vendors are set up, but once I see you’ve bought the Scheduled Maintenance tees on the Marketplace I’ll give you a gift card the next time I log in. It could take up to 12-15 hours to send it but please be patient.

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