We now have Gift Cards… and a note about my vendors

Nanci's Naughties Gift Card

When I created my Scheduled Maintenance tees, I created a gift card to give with it. I’m happy to announce that there are now a variety of gift cards you can buy.

Ranging from L$50 to L$1000, you can find the Gift Card vendor to the right of the counter in the back of the store. When you need to add value to your Gift Card, there is a Top Up kiosk right in front of the vendor.

Using a gift card to buy an item will still allow you to get a 10% discount if you make your purchase while the Nanci’s Naughties group tag is active. Joining the group is free, and all you need to do is to tap the group sign in the back of the store to the right of the Gift Cards vendor.

Unfortunately, you can’t use the Gift Cards on my Cancer SUCKS tees. Since those tees benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life in SL, the vendors can’t accept Gift Cards.

The Gift Cards are non-transferrable so if you want to send one to a friend on SL make sure you use the blue GIFT button on the vendor.

Use the GIFT button to send a gift card to a friend.

A note about my vendors

When I first opened my store years ago, I decided to use single vendors with multiple items in each one. I did this to help everything rez faster for my customers, but I ran a quick poll and learned that most folks in SL prefer one item to a vendor.

Because of this, I’ll be pulling out my current vendors and replacing them with single items vendors.

Of course, you’ll always be able to find my shirts in my Marketplace store, although the Gift Cards and Cancer SUCKS tees are only available in my in-world store.

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