I’m going to be out of Second Life for a bit

I haven’t been on Second Life much this year, and I’m sorry to say I’ll be out of Second Life for the foreseeable future.

As I was getting ready to get on Second Life to do some shopping on the 4th of July, my laptop died as I was watching a YouTube video. I spent the rest of the month trying one thing after another to bring my laptop, finally trying a reinstall. Unfortunately, to borrow a line from John Cleese, it is now an ex-laptop.

It’s not completely dead, though, because I can still boot it up with an old SolydK Linux LiveDVD and do a few things. Doing Second Life is practically impossible though because there’s just not enough RAM to do anything.

Being on disability, there are limited funds for a new laptop, or a desktop computer, especially this month. I have my eye on something I can get on credit with a store I shop at, but it’s back-ordered until mid-September.

I have a couple of designs I was working on when my laptop died, so once I’m back online I’ll get back to work on them. In the meantime, my store will stay open so you can still get my existing merchandise.

Have a great rest of your summer (or winter), and I hope to be back online sometime in late September. In the meantime, take care of yourselves, keep wearing your masks, washing your hands, and be careful around large groups. And if you are eligible to get your COVID jab, please get it. The Delta variant is nothing to mess with, and the Fauci ouchie can keep you from getting seriously ill and keep you from dying.

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