Look who I finally got to meet

I’ve long been a fan of Strawberry Linden going back to her days when she was known as vlogger and tutorial maven Strawberry Singh. She was hired by Second Life creator Linden Labs (LL) last April, and you may know her from the Lab Gab videos she did with Xiola Linden. Xiola’s no longer with LL, but Strawberry’s still doing the Lab Gab videos.

Getting a hug from the awesome Strawberry Linden, aka Strawberry Singh

She was at the Dunk & Hug a Linden Event on the Isle of View Friday, and I finally got a chance to meet her. I even got a chance to dunk her, hitting the target with my first throw. That really surprised me since I’m usually horrible at games where you aim with the mouselook function. As a bonus, I even got her Linden Bear, which I’d been hoping to add to my Bear collection. I also got Derreck Linden’s Bearfox after dunking him at the event as well.

Me holding Strawberry Linden's official Linden Bear.

If you want to find out about creating SL content, using Windlight environment settings, photography in SL, avatar physics, or getting and using a mesh body, Strawberry has some fantastic tutorials. You can also download her Windlight settings and physics files, which I highly recommend.

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