My Real Life tees are back, and with a new design

With the start of Pride Month, I’ve re-opened my Real Life shop. It has most of my old designs, as well as a brand new one for Pride 2023. I still need to get all of my merch available in Second Life, but I wanted to make sure you could get them for your First Life.

I made sure the shop was re-opened today because I created a design in response to all of the laws being created trying to force LGBTQ+ folks out of the public eye, and hopefully out of some states completely.

You Can't Legislate Us Out Of Existence LGBTQ+ Pride 2023

The Nanci’s Naughties Real Life shop is back on Spreadshirt, and you can get to it by hitting the Real Life tees link at the top of the website. I’m working on getting the shop incorporated into this website, so until I do that the link will take you to the shop on the Spreadshirt servers. I could have waited to get that set up first, but since it’s already Pride Month and celebrations are already taking place, I decided to get it open and available as soon as possible.

I hope to get some of my other Pride designs available for your Real Life as soon as I can.

Visit the Nanci’s Naughties Real Life Shop.


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