The Nanci’s Naughties website is back!

After being offline since October 2022, the Nanci’s Naughties website is finally back up and running. The inworld store is still closed, but I’ve been working on several things.

Pride Lanes LogoThe biggest thing is that I now run the Pride Lanes Bowling Center in the skies above Taranatha. It’s a 4-lane bowling center with a snack bar and a pair of video games. There’s also a way to get free Lindens thanks to SmartBots’ GAB machine, but you need to be in the free Pride Lanes group. You can visit the website to get more information, and here’s a landmark so you can get your bowl on.

The poster for Second Pride 2023Pride Lanes has a tent at this year’s Second Pride, and it’s not far from where Nanci’s Naughties tent would have been in Second Life East had I had a tent there last year.

There’s also a new t-shirt in development for Second Pride. With all the new laws the US religious right is passing to try and basically make being LGBTQ+ illegal, I’m making a shirt that says, “You can’t Legalize us out of Existence.” You’ll be able to buy it at Second Pride and at Pride Lanes as soon as I have it ready, and it will also go on sale in my real-world store.

I’m also bringing back my real-world merch shop with Spreadshirt so you can buy the new design on tees and merch to enjoy in your First Life and in Second Life. I don’t have a date for the relaunch, but I’ll write about it here when it happens.

I hope everyone’s having a nice spring, and I can’t wait to see what summer has in store for us.

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