Nanci’s Naughties has left Oppeano

The parcel Nanci’s Naughties is on in Oppeano isn’t big enough for my house and store. Today I bought a new piece of land in another region of SL. When Nanci’s Naughties reopens, you’ll need a new landmark because someone else owns the old land now.

My new parcel has flat ground, but I’m still going to fly my new store. My new land has a great view of the sunset at ground level, and I’ll take advantage of that. Of course, flying the store will help it load in your viewer more quickly. I’m rethinking the building I bought, so it could take even longer for me to open the new store. I’m still repackaging my shirts, and it’s taking a lot longer than I expected. Watch this space for updates.

Have a great May, and I’ll leave you with this great advice I found on my human’s new social media home.

Sign beside a road: You are exactly where you need to be

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