Poll: I’m moving to mesh tees, but what version should I make?

I’ve said I wanted to move my tees to mesh shirts and I’ve found some that work pretty well for me. Each will let me make not only mesh tees for Maitreya Lara bodies (like the one I have) but also standard mesh sizes and shirts for other mesh bodies as well. But I can’t quite decide which of two necklines to use. You can help me make the call.

Which version do you prefer?

I’m using pre-made templates until I can get the hang of Blender, and I have two templates I can go with. The v-neck tee has standard sleeves and a longer length, while scoop neck tee has shorter cap sleeves with a shorter length and a little bit of a peekaboo under the arms.

Side view of the scoop neck tee

I won’t say which version I prefer, but I’d love to hear which you prefer. The poll will be open through midnight SLT on Friday, 22 March. Whatever version wins will start getting put on sale on Sunday, 24 March, although it may take some time for me to create all the variations of the tees and get them in the vendors. And yes, whatever version I go with, the price of my tees will go up but they will include all the sizes and the Omega appliers.

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For those wanting to know, I will be making guys tees of some of my designs, especially the Cancer SUCKS tees, but I wanted to get the women’s tees made first.

Updated 23 March: The poll is closed. Since there was a tie I’ll be creating tees in both styles, although not every design will be made available in both styles. I’ll be changing my vendors so that one will have scoop neck tees and another will have V-neck and regular crewneck tees. The current Omega tees will be included with the new mesh tees.

First up will be a brand new design, Life’s a Bitch… I’m having trouble getting the demos right but as soon as I get it fixed I’ll be putting them in the vendors.

Coming Soon: Life's a Bitch Then You Become One

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