SL Shopping Events

There are a lot of shopping events in Second Life and they’re a great way to shop at many different stores, some in one location, some with a handy HUD, and some with a list of participants and what they’re offering.

The biggest requirement for inclusion on this list is the availability of an online “catalog” showing what’s being offered at the event. There are some events that have online catalogs but the catalog is either just a list of participants or the URL changes from session to session, and those events didn’t make the cut.

There’s also a great site for checking what’s happening at a lot of the SL shopping events. If you hit a link below that’s not updated, like for a recent Fifty Linden Friday, check the Seraphim SL site. They may have the information, and even if they don’t you can check out so many events on their site.

Monthly/Bi-Weekly Events

Weekly/Bi-weekly Events (sorted by day)

There’s another new “event” I talked about recently that doesn’t quite fit into these groups, but you should definitely check them out: the Stay at Home Club.