The year is ending but I’m really busy

It’s the final weekend of 2019, and other than getting ready for the January Infinity Event, you’d think I’d take it easy in RL but you’d be wrong. Several things are coming up for Nanci’s Naughties as 2019 ends.

New Clothes

I’m looking at a big fatpack for Infinity with a HUD that changes both colors and designs but have I got a lot of work to do on that. Yikes! But first I’m making a sweater the ladies can wear to ring in the new year in SL, plus you can wear it into the new year. I toyed with the idea of making it a dress, but I don’t like the combination of a fancy-ish dress with the design so I won’t, although I may put it on a cute jacket. If I do that may become another item for Infinity but I already have a lot of work to do on that fatpack so…

The store’s changing

If you follow me on Twitter or are members of the Nanci’s Naughties SL group you’ve gotten a hint at a BIG change coming to the store. (You are members, right? If not you’re missing out on discounts when you buy my clothes at the mainstore.) Right now my parcel on SL Route 12 in Oppeano has my store on the left (to the east on the world map) and my house on the right, but I want to expand the room my store has so I’m moving my house to a skybox and buying a store that will take up most of the land at ground level.

My store and home, 27 December 2019

I’m going with a bigger store because I want to get space for more items being displayed without having to just use the outer walls and without having a second floor. I already have a second floor but I don’t use it, and I want to have more room on the main floor and don’t really want to have to block off the stairs like I’ve done in my store now.

A new Nanci's Naughties store is coming soon

You may be asking why not just add displays to my current store or using the second floor. When I started making mesh clothes I thought about putting the Omega applier clothes upstairs but didn’t like putting them apart from the rest of my clothes. I also want to make better use of my parcel, and I have somethings being planned that I’m not quite ready to share yet. I don’t want to share them now and have it take longer than expected to make it live. The past few months I kept scheduling work on things for the store only to have my RL body make me spend time practically flat on my back on the sofa, and it’s not easy to work on my laptop in that position.

The Be Honest Everywhere Clean Version Real-Life Hoodie for Men

Real Life clothes

You may have noticed I haven’t added my designs to my RL clothes since my Be Honest Everywhere hoodies. Part of that’s because I didn’t get a chance to put my holiday designs in my Spreadshirt store, and part of it is just not having the time to get quite everything done thanks to the health issues. I’m also looking at the possibility of changing my RL clothing partner, and that’s going to take a lot of work if I end up doing it.

There’s one more thing on my plate, and I’m hesitant to completely pull the trigger on it because it’s going to take a lot of time to do it right. I’m looking at a new theme for this site so the RL tees page can use the whole entire of the screen, but doing that means I have to decide what to do with content that currently lives in the sidebar. Some of it may be taken out completely, but I don’t want to lose everything so I need time to really look at all my options. Just like it’s not at the top of this article, it’s not a high priority on my todo list so it may end up slipping to the spring.

Do you know about the Seraphim website?

As I was checking out the Friday sales in SL I discovered that the site I find galleries for the Fifty Linden Fridays (FLF) sales on didn’t get updated for today’s sale. I know the FLF folks have had some RL things that have gotten their attention and I assumed this was another thing that simply didn’t have the time to get done this week, but I was reminded that there’s another site to check that does have this week’s “catalog.” It’s the SeraphimSL website and they have information on a lot of shopping events in SL. You can find this week’s FLF gallery on this page, but I also recommend you check out all of the events they cover. Just hit the Categories dropdown list and look at all the sales they cover. Not all of them have galleries, but they always have information that you can use to get a little retail therapy in.

I’ll be back in a day or so with that new sweater but in the meantime, I hope everyone has a great, naughty last weekend of 2019.

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