The Inventory Maintenance Tees are BACK!

It was almost a year ago that Second Life did some inventory maintenance that made it (almost) impossible to rez our clothes. This past week has brought issues that gave us a feeling of deja vu, so the Inventory Maintenance tees are coming out of the archives.

Inventory Maintenance mesh tees for women and men, now available for just L$100 each at Nanci's Naughties

Suggested by Sheree Honeyflower, they’re the grey color that you get when you’re waiting for the texture to load in. You can get them as mesh tees for women and men with an Omega applier version, and they’re now just L$100.

Inventory Maintenance System Tee for Bakes on Mesh. Just L$50, and there's no demo available.

You can also get a system tee that can work even better with Bakes on Mesh or an old school system avatar. Today someone tweeted to me that they have a Ruth avatar in their inventory, and this would go beautifully with that.

Since it’s not a new tee design, you won’t find them in the New Releases section, but you can find them on the wall to the right as you walk into the store. They’re toward the back, between the Second Pride and Cancer SUCKS tees.

More New Tees Are Coming

I’m still trying to get my Practice Makes Progress tees sale in Second Life (they’re already in my Redbubble store) but health issues are keeping me from putting in too much time with my laptop. I also have a new Halloween design I’m working on, but first, I need to get a requested tee made and on sale.

One of my RL neighbors is a cancer survivor, saw my Cancer SUCKS tee, and loved it. She’s currently undergoing chemotherapy and asked if I could make a “Fuck Chemo” tee. I put something together, and she loves it. Once I get done with the Practice Makes Progress tees, I’ll get the Fuck Chemo tees made.

I also have an idea for a new Halloween design, but I haven’t had a chance to put it together yet. I also have an update for the One Holiday tees, but that To-Do list is getting rather Jabba-sized. I haven’t even thought about a Catmas design yet.

As always, make sure you’re in the Nanci’s Naughties SL group, and make sure you have the group tag active for 10% off on everything you buy at my mainstore (except the Cancer SUCKS tees). I’ll be letting group members know first when the new designs come out. If you’re on Twitter, you should follow me there to get sneak peeks at works in progress.

Have a great weekend, naughty ones, and stay safe out there. When you go out in your First Life, make sure you mask up and do social distancing. And if you’re in the US and are registered to vote, make sure you vote. If your state has early voting, it’s a great way to vote. Voting by mail is even better because you don’t have to stand in lines with people who may have the coronavirus and not know it yet. But however you vote, make sure you vote. Decisions are made by those who show up.

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