So many new NN items at the November Infinity Event!

As I shared last week, I have a bigger booth at this month’s Infinity Event and it’s a good thing because with the Be Honest Everywhere hoodies and posters, and three brand new tees, I need the space for all the vendors.

NN Inventory Maintenance Woman's Tee ad

That inventory maintenance, and the emergency maintenance that followed, was nothing nice. But it’s finally over and it’s time to have fun with it. Like my Scheduled Maintenance tees, this tee sticks its tongue out at the problem, and at the suggestion of Sheree Honeyflower, this tee is a plain grey as if the servers can’t quite load in the texture for it.

Available for the standard assortment of men’s and women’s mesh bodies, it’s also wearable as an Omega layer for a skintight look. And there’s a system tee version sold separately that works with Bakes on Mesh.

NN Inventory Maintenance System Tee ad

The system tee version, sold separately, is perfect for using with Bakes on Mesh or for people without mesh bodies. Because of it being a system tee, and due to the low price, there is no demo available. If you really want to demo it before buying, get a demo of the mesh tees and try the Omega applier demo. (That won’t work with system avatars, though. Sorry.)

My booth at the Infinity Event also has vendors for the Cats fatpack, the Simply Irresistible Halter fatpack, and the One Holiday Sweater. When you land at the event, rather than turning around and going to the left to get to my booth, now you’ll want to go right to get out of the horseshoe of booths, then take a right at the first aisle. My new booth is the second large booth on the right.

The event opens at noon SLT on 1 November and runs until the 15th, but don’t put off checking the event out so long you miss all the great buys and gifts scattered around. Don’t have the Infinity Event bookmarked yet? Here’s a limo you can take.

Have a naughty November, y’all!

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