The events have ended, but you can still get my Catmas items

Yesterday both the December installment of the Infinity Event closed, as did the SL Catmas Expo. But I don’t want anyone to miss out on my 2019 Catmas tees and sweaters, so I’ve put them up for sale in the mainstore.

The Catmas tees from the December Infinity Event are now in the New Releases section of the store

You can find the Bad Girl and Been Good, Santa tees from Infinity are in the New Products section. I’ll always keep my six newest items directly on the left and facing you as you enter the store, so you always know where to find them.

The Cancer SUCKS and Kick Cancer's Butt sweaters are available on the right side of the store, but only until 1 January

I put the Cancer SUCKS Ugly Sweaters and Kick Cancer’s Butt sweaters from the Catmas Expo right across the store by the other Cancer SUCKS tees. The sweaters from the Expo still support the ACS in SL 100%, and when you purchase them your Lindens go directly to the ACS in SL, so you know your purchase directly supports childhood cancer patients. As with everything, please try the demos first.

I have a new landmark that will go in all my new packaging starting now, letting you arrive inside the store rather than out on the sidewalk in front of the store. I’ll be changing all my LM givers tonight, but here’s a limo until you can grab one.

I’ll leave my Catmas tees and sweaters up until 1 January, so if you want to get them and missed them at the events you only have about two weeks to buy them. The best part is that you don’t have to worry about ordering them early so they can be shipped to your recipient for when the furry one comes down the chimney. And you can always get a Nanci’s Naughties gift card in case you can’t decide what to get your friends. Just remember that the Cancer SUCKS and Kick Cancer’s Butt items can’t be bought with gift cards.

Have a very Purry Catmas, everyone!

-Nanci and the bosses,
Eliza, Sarah Jane, and Clara

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