All the old NN tees are now Omega tees

When I decided to reopen Nanci’s Naughties I knew that the first thing I wanted to do was to bring my older system tees to Omega appliers, and this week I finally got the last of those old tees upgraded to Omega tees.

The first of this trio of tees is my I’m Not Bad tee. Inspired by the line from the classic movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit, people may take one look at you and think you’re just in SL to have bad girl fun, but that’s not who you are. It not that you don’t have fun, you just don’t have that kind of fun. The photos for this tee were taken in my Novatech TARDIS Console Room, Smith II, and I’m playing my old Stratus Blaster from OD Designs I wanted to use my 12th Doctor’s Guitar Package from Tempest Inc & Q.M.C. but I’m having rezzing issues in Firestorm. Plus the OD guitars have some great rocking out animations that Q.M.C. doesn’t have.

The next tee is similar to the I’m Not Bad tee, and it’s called Not Real Life. The front view says “This is not my Real Life,” and the back continues with “I have different fun here.” It was created for folks who keep their Real Life and their Second Life separate, and I’ve been known to wear it from time to time myself.

The third tee of this group is one that I know won’t be one that everyone wants to buy, and they shouldn’t. I kept getting hit on by guys, but as the old saying goes, I don’t swing that way. Its message is short and simple and hopefully won’t cause a lot of drama. “Not tonight. I”d rather be with a girl.”

As always, the tees are L$50 with free demos available so you can try them before you buy. And if you get them from my inworld store (the link is in the sidebar) you can get 5% off if you wear your Nanci’s Naughties group tag when you make your purchase. It’s free to join, just touch the group inviter on the back wall.

Before I go, I want to apologize for not writing this post sooner. I actually uploaded these tees a few days ago but real life pre-empted writing it. And if you remember the old Nanci’s Naughties may think there are some other tees that haven’t been updated, and you’re right. There are some designs that I’m not updating because they play with the old SL hand logo and while they were in a grey area a decade ago they’re not allowed now.

I have a new design I’m working on, but my next tees will hopefully be mesh versions of the tees I have out now. They’ll mostly be for Maitreya Lara mesh bodies since that’s what I have, although I may also make fitmesh tees. I just have to get over the learning curve for making mesh clothing. Watch this space, and the SL group notices, for news that they’ve been released.

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