Simply Irresistible Tees

You know the guys want you. Even the girls want you. When you rez into a sim Robert Palmer starts singing.

Simply Irresistible - get only the colors you like or buy the fatpack and save money on all three tees

Inspired by the Robert Palmer song, Simply Irresistible is the first Nanci’s Naughties tee to come in a fatpack. It’s also the first tee that comes with the product thumbnail in the package you buy. You can get the tee in black, pink or red for L$50 each, or get all three for L$125. As always, the SImply Irresistible tee requires a mesh body and the Omega Relay for your body, and there’s a free demo you can buy to see if you like how it fits on you.

And don’t forget, you can get all my tees on the SL Marketplace but if you buy it inworld and have the Nanci’s Naughties group tag worn you’ll save 5% on your purchase.

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