Are you ready for Second Pride?

Cities all over the world are celebrating Pride this month and Second Life is joining the celebrations. With a theme of Celebrate Diversity, Second Pride will kick off with a Welcoming and Opening Remarks at 1:30 PM SLT on Friday, 14 June. Between that and the Closing Remarks on 23 June there will be DJ’s spinning tunes daily for your dancing pleasure. There’s also a theme park and a lot of shopping available across the Second Pride sim.

The Stonewall Inn on the Second Pride sim

With this year being the 50th anniversary of the riots at New York City’s Stonewall Inn, of course you’re going to see a representation of the location at Second Pride. You can’t go in, but you’re welcome to sign the guestbook and take a selfie in front of the iconic neon sign.

The Nanci's Naughties tent at Second Pride

There are a number of stores around the sim, as well as tents set up around the Second Pride Central Park. Nanci’s Naughties is in one of the tents, and it’s the first tent in the park right by the SL version of the Stonewall Inn. When you get to our tent you’ll see six Second Pride exclusive tees and two brand new posters.

Our Life's a Bitch Tees with the transgender flag for girls, guys, and girlie bois

For Second Pride we turned our Life’s a Bitch tee into two sets of Pride tees, one with the trans flag and one with the LGBT+ rainbow flag. Both designs are available for girls and guys, and we also have them for girlie boi avatars.

We were asked to make a The Life’s a Bitch – Trans tee for avatars with girlie boi bodies, and we’re glad to be able to make them. We also made one for male bodies, because not all trans folks are of the male-to-female variety. The tees are for the same range of mesh bodies as the Scheduled Maintenance tees. The girlie boi tees have a lower price than the others because it only has a single mesh body style in that package.

We want to give a special shout out to the Dwead Piwate Woberts, who heard my cry for help when my brother Peng sent me product shots showing a huge difference in skin color between his head and body. (You really need to fix that, bro.) Woberts saw my request for a male to help me take pictures of my tees and didn’t bat an eye when I said what was on the tee.

Our Life's a Bitch Tees with the LGBT+ rainbow flag for girls, guys, and girlie bois

I also made some tank tops with the LGBT+ rainbow flag for girls, guys and girlie boi bodies. I’m afraid I wasn’t able to make Omega Appliers for the LGBT+ tees due to how the tees are cut. I hate not having the Omega tees with the rainbow flag, but I decided against having mesh tanks but Omega tees in the same package.

I had planned on making tees with all of the LGBT+ flags but ended up not having the time. It’s just as well because Second Pride asked us not to fill up our tent with vendors and try to make it looks more like a regular merch tent at a Pride festival. I lucked out and found a great script for creating a stack of tees that look like you’d find at a real world festival, and that’s the vendor that you pay to buy the tee. But between the display tee, the box the display sits on and the stack of tees there just wouldn’t be enough room to make tees with all of the flags.

Our brand new Life's a Bitch posters in two versions. Both versions are ready to be hung in your Second Life home, flat, office, or other location.

There’s one more thing available at our tent in Second Pride, and that’s our brand new Life’s a Bitch posters. There are two versions, one with a plain lavender background and one with a pretty geometric background. You can buy them from the signs pictured above, and when rez the package you get you’ll find a tube like the ones sitting on the table. But there’s no need to worry, after unpacking the tube you’ll have a mounted version of the poster all ready to be put up anywhere you have the ability to hang a picture. And at L$100 each you can easily afford to buy both of them.

I hope I’ll see you around Second Pride, and if you have any questions you can send me a DM or a notecard. I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can. I definitely need to visit the tents and stores on the sim, and I absolutely have to visit the amusement park. I also want to hit the dance floor before Second Pride closes. You can see the calendar of events on the Second Pride website.

Have fun, y’all!


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