Be a Jane. Not a Karen.

We always hear about white women calling the police on black and brown people who were only going through their life. After one woman who was named Karen went viral for doing this, they collectively got named Karen. Twitter user @TheDediKated had enough of the Karens in the world and created a meme saying, “Be a Jane. Not a Karen.”

The three versions of the Be a Jane tee

The meme uses a booking photo of actress and activist Jane Fonda from when she was arrested 3 November 1970 for assault and battery after allegedly kicking a cop at a protest. (Charges against Fonda eventually got dropped.)

@TheDediKated has graciously allowed me to turn this meme into a t-shirt for Second Life, and we decided that all proceeds would benefit Food Outreach. Located in St. Louis, MO, Food Outreach provides nutritional support to men, women, and children living with hunger and a diagnosis of HIV or cancer.

Available in a two-color fatpack, you can wear it on a black or white tee while you show that not only do you know #BlackLivesMatter, you call on people to use their white privilege to stand against the Karens both in Second Life and out in the real world.

You can find it at

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