Just 4 more days

There are just four days until the start of my very first SL shopping event. My booth is just about set up although it feels like it’s missing something.

My booth for the June INFINITY Event

I know the left wall seems to be a different color than the right wall but they’re the exact same object so I don’t know why it looks different from the other panels. I’m probably going to slide the rug forward a little before Saturday. I centered it in the booth but the rear wall isn’t against the back of my booth so I’ll need to adjust it by hand.

The object on the front left of the table is a landmark giver that looks like a business card, and the object behind that is a picture of my store that I made just for the event.

I intentionally made the picture to be like an old-school advert, and now that I made it I’m toying with the idea of making a short “commercial” for the store. I’m sure I can find some cute music to use but I don’t have a decent mic so it’ll be hard to make a decent voiceover unless I hire someone else to do it for me. But that’s an idea for another day completely.

I considered making the picture a landmark giver but I wasn’t able to get it working so I found the cute business card-like giver at Alicia Stella Design. The table itself is from Lok’s Low Prim Furniture, one of my favorite designers because they know we often have to watch how many prims we’re rezzing. The flowers are from = MB = Content Creators, but I can’t find them on the Marketplace to provide a link.

I’ll post a link to the event on Saturday when it opens, and knowing how late I tend to be up on Friday nights (any night, really) I’m going to write the post early and schedule it for posting when Infinity is scheduled to open. So follow my site if you have a WordPress account, and join my SL group so I can send you the LM inworld once I get logged on. The link for my group is on the right or search for Nanci’s Naughties inworld.

Stay naughty out there, y’all!

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