The Work in Progress: Coming 1 June

The Infinity Event is less than a week away and I have a pair of tees that will only be available at the event.

The WIP for June 2019's INFINITY Event

They’ll go on sale when the Infinity Event opens on 1 June 2019, and there will be a free gift that will also only be available at the event. I’ll be posting a link to the event on Saturday, and if you’re a member of the Nanci’s Naughties Second Life group you’ll get it even faster. Joining the group is free (it just takes an open group slot) and gets you a 10% discount in the inworld store in Oppeano.

You don’t have a Second Life account? It’s absolutely free, and you’ll meet so many great people inworld. Plus it’s a blast with all the clubs, concerts, shopping* and more. Create your account at and join us in the fun.

*Shopping in Second Life requires Linden Dollars, which can be earned in many places inworld, or can be bought with real-world cash. If you buy a Premium SL account you’ll get L$300 every single week, as well as many other perks. You can get the deets here.

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