Just doing a little post-New Year relaxing

Happy 2022! With the holiday season almost behind us (we still have King’s Day* coming up), I decided to take a little time to relax and take a couple of pictures at home. I also finally got to wear some really cute kitteh ink I got back in April.

Nanci sitting on the sofa in her skybox

The sofa that comes with my inVerse SoHo skybox is pretty big for a normalish sized avatar, but it has some nice poses included and it doesn’t eat up too much land impact.

A side view of Nanci on her sofa, with this year's LeLutka tee in the background

In this shot, you can see my Catmas bush. It’s this year’s group gift tree from LeLutka. I’ve got a tree from every year going back to 2015, and I love seeing what Thora Charron, LeLutka’s designer, comes up with for the new tree.

Back in April, Sweet Obsession came out with their Kitty Love Ear Tattoo, but it required a LeLutka Evolution X (EvoX) head, and while I had upgraded to LeLutka’s Zora Evolution head, it wasn’t an EvoX head so I couldn’t use the tattoo. In October I learned that LeLutka had upgraded Zora to EvoX, and I quickly grabbed the upgrade, even if I couldn’t set it up very well using a mobile viewer. When I got my laptop fixed in early December, one of the first things I did after getting Firestorm installed on it was to switch to the EvoX head and apply the tattoo. I don’t have any ink IRL, but when I saw the Sweet Obsession tat I had to buy it Meow.

A closeup of my hear with Sweet Obsession's Kitty Love Ear Tattoo

I need to hit the Shop & Hop before it closes on Wednesday, but I’m glad I was able to take the time to snap these pictures.

  • Maitreya Lara mesh body
  • VELOR “Ipanema Body” for Maitreya in Sienna
  • Sweet Obsession Kitty Love Ear Tattoo
  • TRUTH Elara hair sans hat
  • OA-MEO Alva Long Sweater – Solide
  • Addams Penelope Necklace
  • Blueberry Cake Leggings
  • The boots from the Who’s Who Clara Oswald Outfit based on her outfit in the episode “Hell Bent

*King’s Day, also known as the Feast of the Epiphany within the Roman Catholic church and the 12th Day of Christmas to everyone else, is on the 6th of January. Growing up in New Orleans, King’s Day is significant for two reasons. Not only is it the day many of us take down our Catmas decorations, but it’s also the very first day to can pick up a king cake since Mardi Gras Day of the previous year.

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