Nanci’s Naughties is coming back to Second Life

Updated 7 March 2022: I apologize for not having the store open again yet. Repackaging everything is taken a lot longer than expected due to real-life issues. Thank you for your continued patience. -NB

As you may have seen, I’m getting ready to reopen my Nanci’s Naughties store in Second Life. If you’ve been by the old location, you’ve seen a billboard announcing the return. I initially put up a fence around the parcel to show that construction was in progress. Last week I added the billboard with the store’s new logo to confirm that’s happening.

Billboard for the new Nanci's Naughties store

Two years ago, I changed my store building to get a slightly larger store. I’m changing store buildings again, partly because I took my parcel sold half of it in the fall. I need a smaller store on my land, but that’s not the only reason I’m getting a new building. When I bought my parcel in Oppeano back in 2019, I liked that it was on SL Route 12. I hoped that would help attract business, but I have no way to know if it worked. As time went by, I grew to dislike how the road dips in front of my land. The only way to put my store there is to create an object to level out the ground.

I looked at moving my store to level ground, but I ended up deciding against that. Now there’s only one way to get away from the sloping roadway, and that’s what I decided to do.

Nanci’s Naughties is Movin’ on Up

My new store will be in a skybox, floating high above ground level in Second Life. That will help shorten the time it takes for my store to load into your viewer. I looked at different heights for the store, and I think I found the right location.

The Nanci's Naughties new skybox store

While I could fly my old building, I opted to switch to a skybox store so nobody could go too far out the front door and start falling. I looked at a couple of possible skyboxes, and I selected a skybox store from Anna Erotica. (Content Warning: The Anna Erotica store has some merchandise that is NSFW.) They made my first building when I moved the store to Oppeano, and I love how they make very customizable spaces with a low land impact.

The old Nanci's Naughties store, created by Anna Erotica. Photo by Olivia Fraser
The 2019 Nanci’s Naughties store, made by Anna Erotica. The photo was taken by Olivia Fraser

The Moai statue next to the billboard at ground level is from Anna Erotica, too. I’ve long loved the mo’ai on Rapa Nui (Easter Island), and when I saw Anna had the statue, I bought it quickly, even though I had no idea how or where I’d use it. It doesn’t have a pukao topknot, but I may have to either find someone to make one or make it myself.

Changes at the new store

I am making two more changes in the store that will take some time to set up. II’m switching to multi-item vendors from CasperVend rather than individual vendors for each shirt and demo. This should cut down on how much has to rez when you visit my store, and I’ve started grouping my products for specific vendors.

The other change is that since I’ve changed my logo, I’m “rebagging” everything. This way, the unpacker doesn’t keep the old branding. Nothing inside the unpackers is changing, although I discovered a naming glitch for two items that I’m fixing. This process takes time since I have 160+ items to repackage.

The vendors for my Relay for Life of Second Life benefit products won’t be multi-product vendors. They have to be single-item vendors so that the purchase price goes directly to RFL of SL, and I’m trying to find the best way to make demos available with the new layout.

There is some good news for my customers

I’m updating the landmark in my 160+ products as part of the rebagging process. That doesn’t help the landmarks you’ve already saved, though. There will be a teleporter at ground level to take you directly to the new store, and you can grab a new landmark there.

I don’t have a date for when the new store will open yet, but I’m hoping to have the grand opening for 15 February. I was originally hoping to have the grand opening on 1 Feb, but there’s no way I can make that target at this point. I’ll announce the soft opening when it happens, but the best way to find out about that will be by joining the Nanci’s Naughties SL group. It’s free (except for the group slot), and I’ll announce it there before saying anything here or even on Twitter.

Be careful in both your lives

Stay safe out there, everyone, both in Real Life and in Second LIfe. I hope you can keep a roof over your head, food going into your belly, and you and those you love out of hospitals. Get vaxed and boosted if you qualify to get jabbed and aren’t yet. Also, keep washing your hands, and wear a mask when you’re around folks that may not have gotten the vaccine. Folks can bitch about your being a stupid sheep, but it’s better to be a healthy sheep than an individualist in the ICU with a tube down your throat to help you breathe. And remember, you can still get the Omicron variant if you’re fully vaxxed. But since you’re fully vaxxed, you’ll get much milder symptoms than an unvaxxed person will get.

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