My first fatpack is coming out on the 1st, and there’s a change coming to my store

A few weeks ago I posted that I was working on my first fatpack, and the Cats tee fatpack will be released for the August Infinity Event. But those of you who have seen my booth there will find it looks different this month.

NN Cats Tee - Fatpack ad

When I went looking for help on making the HUD for my fatpack I came across a great tutorial by Toxxic Rhiannyr that made creating my HUD pretty easy. It turns out Toxxic has some great tutorial videos for SL clothing designers, and she’s also made some great tools for developers under her vendetta brand. One of her biggest tools is a line of vendor booths, and I found a video showing how to hang clothes on “hangers” to use on her booths.

I’ve bought one to use at the Infinity Event, and as I was getting the various colors of my new Cats tees ready to hang on my new booth I decided I’m going to use that style of displaying my tees at my store, too. I need to look at whether or not to make fatpacks of my older mesh tees, but I will be swapping out my CasperVend vendors for displaying my tees in my store as I do at Infinity.

The Nanci's Naughties booth has changed for the August INFINITY Event

I’ll also be changing the walls of my store to look like my booth at Infinity, although I can’t say how quickly that will happen. Unfortunately, the Boston weather and my health have kept me from putting in nearly as much time in Second Life as I’d prefer. As it is, tonight I jumped back to my computer because I remembered I have some products form this week’s FIFTY5 THURSDAYS that I wanted to check out.

The new Infinity Event opens in less than a week, so if you love cats you’ll want to check out my newest design. Just one note: There won’t be an Omega Applier version of this shirt, and when I move everything to fatpacks I won’t be able to do Omega versions any more. I’ll see about keeping the current Omega versions for sale on the second floor of my store, but I’ll let everyone know for sure once I make the final decison.

I hope everyone’s having a nice summer and is managing to stay cool and hydrated. Either way, make sure you stay naughty now, y’hear?

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