You can now buy my very first tee fatpack, plus you can wear some of my tees in your First Life, too

It’s time for another Infinity Event and this month brings the release of my very first fatpack. There’s no free gift this month, but I have something I hope you’ll like even better.

This month I’m turning the Simply Irresistible Omega applier tee into a sexy halter in black or red. The black top doesn’t have the glitter look the Omega version does, but I think you’ll find it’s still a sexy halter.

Updated Cats Tee Fatpack ad to clarify that you can only buy it in a fatpack

This month’s Infinity Event item is for all the cat lovers out there, and rather than just making a tee in one or two colors, my new Cats tee is available in a fatpack of ten different colors! You won’t be able to but just one or two colors this month, but you’ll get ten colors for the ridiculous price of $L500. That’s half the price of ten individual tees at my regular price.

My new booth at the INFINITY Event

If you’ve been following this site you know that my new tees aren’t the only thing new this month. I’ve got a brand new booth design at INFINITY, and in the coming days, I’ll be bringing that look to the Nanci’s Naughties store as well with wallpaper replacing the wood paneling in my store now. I’ll also be swapping out my CasperVendors for having the tops themselves be my vendors. The one exception to that will be the Cancer SUCKS tees because the vendors I use for them come from the Relay For Life in SL so the purchase price can go directly to the Relay.

But wait, there’s more!

Over a decade ago, I sold t-shirts online, and my Cancer SUCKS design was the very first design I made for that store. I ended up closing the store earlier this decade because store updates were requiring more effort than the sales were worth.

After creating my Life’s a Bitch tee I decided I wanted to reopen my real-life t-shirt store and that design would be one of the first designs for the new store. Putting that store together took longer than expected due to some issues in my life, but with the start of the new Infinity Event, I’m proud to announce that Nanci’s Naughties is now open for your First Life as well as your Second Life.

I’ve partnered with Spreadshirts, one of the very best companies for designers to use to get their designs on products, and they let people create clothes, drinkware, mobile phone cases, pillowcases, and bandanas for your furry friends. There are even buttons with some of my designs! And the best part is that they print every item when someone orders it so nobody has to deal with storing boxes of merch while you wait for orders to come in.

Life's a Bitch Women's Premium T-Shirt

Just point your web browser to the Nanci’s Naughties web store and check out what you can buy for your First Life. You can even get my Life’s a Bitch posters to hang on your real-life walls. No matter what you buy, you can save 15% on your entire order until 11:59 PM on Wendnesday, 14 August! Just use the code welcome-100635680, and you can find it at the top of every page on the site.

And always, the Infinity Event opens at noon SLT on the 1st and runs until the 15th of the month, so grab a handy limo and come check out my new Cats tees, as well as what the other designers have on sale this month.

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