The mainstore is closing for remodeling

Nanci's Naughties is closing for remodeling

Almost two weeks ago I said the Nanci’s Naughties mainstore in Oppeano would be closing to change buildings. It turns out that change will be happening at some point on Monday, 6 January as I take down the Catmas decorations. The store will be closed while I set up the new building, and I’ll have fencing around the site while I work on it. I’m hoping to set a landing point outside of the fencing, but I don’t know how it will work for a parcel.

You can still shop our Marketplace store, and you can visit our booth at the Infinity Event. Of course, our shop at Second Pride will stay open all year long.

I’m sorry about the late notice and I don’t know when the new store will open yet. When I get more information about the reopening date, I will be sending out the information to the SL group, on Twitter, and here our website. In the meantime,

Have a naughty new year!

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