The remodeling at Nanci’s Naughties is coming along nicely

As I wrote last month, I’m changing my mainstore building, and it’s coming along nicely. I’ve still got beaucoups work to do, but things are falling into place.

Inside the new Nanci's Naughties. Yes, the shop cats are already making themselves at home.

I had wanted to go with a single floor building, but as I started setting up my vendors I realized that wasn’t practical. I may set up some partitions to put vendors on around the first floor, but I can see needing to use the second floor of my new building before this year gets finished.

The New Releases section in the new store

Speaking of vendors, I’m getting rid of the CasperVend vendors and going with posters of the items in the new mainstore. Below each poster will be either FATPACK or BUY signs, plus a DEMO sign to try before you buy. (You do try demos before buying things, right?) I’m hoping the change will look better around the store, as well as make it easier to know where to click.

The new vendor buttons

The only vendors that won’t change are for the Cancer SUCKS tees because I use vendors from the American Cancer Society in Second Life. I am changing the vendors for demos of the shirts to DEMO signs below each vendor to keep things uniform across the store.

Valentine’s Day is coming

Last year I made Omega applier shirts for my Valentine’s Day designs. When I started making mesh tees, Valentine’s Day had just passed, so upgrading them into mesh tees didn’t make sense. The exception for this was my Heart tee, which can be worn year-round. I’m making my other Valentine’s Day shirts into mesh tees for this year, and I’m turning the Heart tee into a 10-color fatpack.

Since my mainstore isn’t reopened yet, once I get my new mesh shirts and the fatpack ready to sell, I’ll be putting them on the SL Marketplace so they can be bought before the store reopens.

Single Shirt Prices Are Getting Cut

As I set up the new store, I also put some thought into my pricing structure and decided L$200 is just too much for a single shirt. The single shirt price is being cut in half, and I’m dropping the price on the Be Honest Everywhere Hoodies to just L$150 each.

The Scheduled Maintenance tees are already L$100 each, with a L$50 NN gift card, and those prices are staying the same. One individual item that won’t be getting a price cut is my posters. Their price will remain at L$100 each.

But I Already Bought Something From You

I’ll be sending a L$50 gift card to everyone who paid the higher prices. I know it won’t make up for the entire price cut, but it will get you some more money to spend in my store.

Au Revoir, Infinity

After being a part of the Infinity Event for about half a year, I’ve decided it’s just not making business sense to continue participating in it. After the first couple of months, my sales there have become non-existent. I admit it may be due to my merch, or it may be due to insufficient marketing on my part. Whatever the reason, spending hundreds of Lindens a month to rent my booth with no sales isn’t working for me.

The Infinity Event will continue, and they’re changing their layout for the February event, but Nanci’s Naughties won’t be there. I’ll still check them out each month, and I hope you will, too.

The new main counter at Nanci's Naughties

I hope your 2020 is getting off to a good start. Watch the NN Second Life group, and my Twitter feed, for information on exactly when the new store will open.

Have a naughty year, everyone!

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