This month’s Infinity Event items are now on Media SL

The monthly Infinity Event has a website but since it’s a Facebook Page I won’t share it. What I will do, though, is share each month’s page on the Media SL site. It has pictures of every vendor’s items so you can do some quick browsing before teleporting to the event, something I really like having.

This month’s Infinity Event page on Media SL is now available for your browsing pleasure.

I’m also adding a new Links widget to my sidebar with SL shopping event sites I frequent. I’ll include the pages for finding what’s on sale at each week’s 35L Sunday Sales, Fifty5 Thursdays, Fly Buy Friday and Fifty Linden Fridays. I have more links on my laptop, but my one criteria for adding a link to that widget will be the availability to see previews of what’s on sale each week, although some times real life will mean a list of links may be available but not preview pictures.

I’m also adding widgets with lists of some of my favorite SL stores, as well as the websites for some of my very favorite SL folks that I enjoy reading like Inara Pey and Sheree Honeyflower.

Go have fun, keep discovering new folks and places in SL, tell your friends about what you find, and most importantly, stay naughty out there. Remember, it’s all about having good, not always clean, fun.

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