My favs are now available as complete lists

When I first created links to show in the sidebar I knew that only some of the links would be visible at any one time. But somehow I never did create pages with the entire lists of links that I knew I needed to make.

I’ve finally created three pages for these links. In addition to a selection of my favorite links in the sidebar, you can now find the complete lists of my favorite SL people, stores and events at the top of every page.

I’m looking at possibly changing the theme I use on my site after the new year starts, and if I do I may take out the sidebar completely. I’ll need to see how some of the items on the sidebar will stay on the site, but now you can always find my favorite links in a single page for each group of links.

If you find any broken links let me know, although in the process of creating the pages I found I had bogus URLs for some links. These have been fixed, and if you know of anything that should be added to these lists please let me know in the comments.

Don’t forget, both the Infinity Event and the SL Christmas Expo will end on the 15th. If you haven’t checked them out yet you really need to do it soon.

Stay naughty and have the purriest of Catmases, even if you’ prefer goggies over kittehs.

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