Cancer SUCKS

Whether you’ve personally dealt with cancer in your own body or the body of a friend or family member, you know that “Cancer Sucks!” is a great mantra. One of my earliest t-shirt designs, both in Second Life and for real life tees, carried this design. When I decided I would bring my tees back on sale in SL I knew this design would be sold to support the American Cancer Society Relay For Life of Second Life.

My Cancer SUCKS tees are available for both men and women (an updated image for both genders is coming), and it’s available in three color schemes. Not only is it available in red text on a black tee, it’s also available in red on pink and black on red.

As with all Nanci’s Naughties tees, each tee is L$50, and a free demo is available as well. Every Linden paid for these tees go directly to the Relay For Life and you can wear them knowing you not only have a nice tee but you’re also helping beat cancer.


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